Technical Tips
                                                         Winter Storage
Hi Gang! Winter is going to hit some time this year( what's wrong with Global Warming? This is
nice!) Some of us quit riding through the Winter months, like 99.9% of us. It's cold, slippery and
the salt is really hard on our high priced scooters I get asked a lot of questions about Winter

The most important hthing you should do is change your bike's oils (and don't use that cheap car
oil crap. It's not even good for cars anymore, use MA rated motor oil only)
This is because you don't want to leave that dirty motor oil with all those acids in your motor,
transmission and final drive to eat on those nice, shiny, precicsion parts. Also, you don''t have to
change it again in Spring, because modern oils have long storage lives.

Fill the gas tank with gas and a stabilizer or leave it completely empty.  Run the gas out of the
carbs or run it long enough to get the stabilizer into your fuel injected bikes.

Leave the battery in your bike, unless it's already shot. Batteries are  a chemical reaction and last
longer when kept cool. Put a battery tender on it (It's cheap insurance for your battery). This is
really important for maintainence free batteries because they don't like being discharged.

Spray the raw aluminum down with WD40 and cover it with a light cover, if your shed doesn't leak.
Otherwise, get a good, all-weather cover. Do
NOT use a plastic or water-proof cover , or you will
have a rusty mess in Spring.

That is all you need to do for a 3 to 5 month lay-up. You can do all the other stuff (wax it, block it up,
use plug dehydrators, hydro-microbial encapsulate it etc, etc) if you must, but the minumum is
change the oils and battery tender. Do
NOT go and start it up to warm it up once in a while, it does
more harm than good.
Have a good Winter and call me about my Winter Storage and Service specials.